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ECG and Ultrasound gels are an indispensable part of all types of ultrasound scans where the health care professionals need to pick transmissions or impulses from the body. Arrow gels aid in ultrasound and ECG testing in the most effective way because of their gentle formulas and medically trusted ingredients. They are hypoallergenic and are efficient enough acoustically and hence transmit the ultrasound/ECG frequencies extremely well.

These high conductivity gels give the best results with the least inconvenience and discomfort.The viscous gel is available in the measurements of 260 ml and 5kgs.

The quality of the ultrasound gels we provide matches world standards. Thus quality assurance is our key feature.You can rely on us completely to fulfill your ultrasound procedure requirements. Our Arrow gels are the most widely used gels for diagnostic and therapeutic treatment.

PH: 5.5~8 Comfortable & Safe to Patient/Doctor Environment Friendly Water soluble Non irritation Non sensitization Non toxic Greaseless , odorless and non-staining Highly conductive formulation Electrical Conductivity Jelly for TENS ECG EEG EMG ESU

Available Size

Art No. C-101
Bottle, Content - 260gms

Art No. C-105
Cubitainer, Content - 5Kgs

Art No. C - 107
Pouch, Content - 5Kgs

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