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We understand the importance of fetal monitoring charts and the crucial recordings that they capture during pregnancy and childbirth. Hence, our CTG paper provides tracings that are clear, reliable and accurate thereby ensuring safety and care of the yet to be born and their mothers.

We are equipped with a vast range of global references that makes us one of the largest suppliers of CTG paper, supplying to a large chain of medical setups.

Our CTG paper adheres to high standards of record retention since recordings on CTG charts are considered as a legal document. Also our papers are compatible with a majority of the manufactured monitors and hence we assure a hassle free procedure of monitoring the uterine contractions and fetal heart beat.

We believe in keeping ourselves updated with regards to technological know how and any advancements, when it comes to internal fetal monitoring. This helps us to continuously better our products and leave no loop holes in the process of documenting such crucial medical records.

Every medical facility may have different needs and requirements so that they can ensure safety and health of their patients. We believe in accommodating their various needs and specifications while producing and providing CTG paper. These papers are customized and supplied as per the requirements and particularization of the OEM/Customer. Whatever be your requirement, premium quality is assured from us.

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