About Us

We 'A M D Medical Supplies L.L.C.' co-branded with 'Arrow'.We are leading suppliers of medical equipments used for conducting health tests by physicians and practitioners. We supply a wide variety of medical chart papers, thermal paper rolls, Diagnostic & Therapeutic (USG/ECG) Gels, Medical Black & White Thermal Print Media (Ultrasound), Laboratory Thermal Printer Papers, CTG Papers, E.C.G. Electrodes & P.F.T. Tubes which are used in the Healthcare Industries & Research areas.

With our established expertise and over a decade of experience in this industry, we deliver highly efficient medical solutions and patient care equipments. We distribute, export and supply an array of products globally and we have a growing network of healthcare partners including practitioners, physicians, commercial laboratory owners etc who have a growing need for medical equipments and supplies. All our products facilitate an efficient platform for innate tracking and recording to deliver the most accurate results.

Our knowledgeable team boasts of experts in Paper Science and Technology who strive to deliver future forward medical equipment solutions that are well proven in the areas of medical use.

We are proud to deliver our services to a majority of healthcare companies and more are joining hands with us owing to the trust and reliability of our products. We confidently provide the assurance of our products and services to be of the highest standard as our goal is intuitive patient care management and more reliable fulfillment of patients’ medical needs.

Our vision is to be an eminent pioneer in the field of medical supplies provide safe, efficient and convenient health care solutions.

Our products are crafted along the industry guidelines and standards keeping in mind our client’s custom needs and specifications. There is no compromise on quality control for all our products and equipment.

To supply international standard products that our customers can take pride in. With technological updates we thrive to make our products the most renowned to our customers.

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